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Feed Love is the official blog of Side by Side. As passionate pet parents, we’re all about helping our pets live happier, LONGER lives & connecting with others who feel the same way!
Our community continues to grow & we’re so happy that you’re a part of it. Welcome to the pack!

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Are you killing your dog by allowing them to be overweight? What would motivate you to help your pet lose weight? Would the promise of a more active, happier life do it? How about the prospect of saving money overall on vet bills? Did you know that over half of...

By Libby Sinden Read more

You’ve made the decision to switch your dog’s food—maybe you are searching for a healthier alternative, maybe they’ve become uninterested in their current food or maybe you are looking for a little variety for your pup! Switching your dog’s food can feel like a daunting task—will they like their new...

By Libby Sinden Read more

Does your dog food contain “chicken meal?” Go ahead, and take a look…we’ll wait! We recently discussed how to read your pet food label to know exactly what’s in your pet’s food. But most people would be surprised to know that “Chicken and Potato Dinner” dog food may not contain...

By Libby Sinden Read more
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