Who We Are

Side by Side Paw Separator

We’re not like every other brand. We’re different. We’re on a mission – to help pets live longer.

Our pets give us unconditional love, all they ask is that we care for them. The best way to show our love is by feeding them what RIGHT for them.

Like so many people, I love my dog so much and will do whatever it takes for Wrigley to be happy and healthy. So, when I saw the video Pet Fooled I was shocked to learn that 1 in 2 dogs get cancer causing death and that 50% of pets are obese. This really was upsetting, and it caused me to dig even deeper into pet nutrition seeking the leading veterinary health information. The stars were aligned as not only had Wrigley just entered into my life but my career at the time happened to be about driving business innovations and knowing how to source natural food ingredients. This work involved the evaluation of 100’s of food ingredient companies, understanding the origins of key ingredients and visiting factories to understand the production process. It confirmed something I already know; whole food nutrition and the preservation of natural nutrients is the way human and animal bodies are able to best absorb key vitamins and minerals.

The idea of creating a truly special pet food company seemed like an amazingly important and gratifying way to focus my knowledge and experience. So, in 2018 and working with board certified veterinary nutritionists and holistic veterinarians I set out to create Side by Side. The foundation of this new brand was very unique based upon the idea of combining the health practices of Eastern Food Therapy with 4 key factors: (1) Use Only Real Whole Food – no powders or additives, (2) Use Species Appropriate Ingredients – no fads like pea protein, (3) Minimal Processing – protecting cellular properties, minimum heat and pressure, (4) Personalization – the Right food for each pet.

We truly hope you can share our journey of love and balance for your special fur baby.

Our Promise

We promise to deliver a safe and delicious diet for your pet that retains the balanced nutrition nature intended.

Quality Safety

All of our recipes meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for Maintenance of adult dogs without the need to add extra vitamins & minerals.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know that real food can make a real difference in your pet’s life – that’s why every single one of our products has been carefully crafted & intentionally made.

The Side by Side Difference

Side by Side Paw Separator
All-Natural Ingredients
GMO Free
Made in the USA
No Artificial Ingredients

Side by Side’s patented technology determines the “temperature” or health disposition of a dog at a specific time using its Pet Health Assessment System. By looking at a series of physical indicators we can determine if a dog is running Warm, Neutral or Cool and then suggest the BEST whole foods formula that is RIGHT to help bring them into balance. Like people, a dog's health or energy balance can fluctuate depending on life situations, seasonality or stress and this imbalance may lead to larger health problems and reduced longevity.


We know that quality whole food can make a real difference in a pet’s life. That’s why every single one of our products has been carefully crafted and intentionally made. Our freeze-dried diets are lightly blended and then freeze dried raw to protect all of the nutritional properties, allowing us to create the most nourishing, species appropriate foods for your dog.

See how we nourish with whole food ingredients

Authenticity Verified

As with people, Eastern Food Therapy (EFT) looks at the pets body as a whole to observe and comprehend their health. This 5,000 year-old practice seeks to recognize internal imbalances and uses the RIGHT whole food to help nourish, balance and if needed to heal.

This Eastern system of nutrition helps address the internal root causes of symptoms vs. external topical methods often found in strictly Western practices. The focus on internal organ and gut health also improves immunity to help prevent disease.

The truth about industrialization

The Patented Side by Side Pet Health Assessment System is quick and easy-to-use questionnaire that can be completed at home or right in a store using our convenient QR code. The questions are based on 5 categories: 1) the color of the dogs tongue, 2) eye clarity, 3) behaviour, 4) personality and 5) overall health.

Once completed, a personalized answer assessing whether your pets body is in neutral (balanced), warm (needs cooling food) or cool (needs warming food). As each temperature requires a specific formula to bring the dog into balance the pet owner is empowered to know not only the Best food but the RIGHT food for their dog.

The Assessment is Based upon 5 Categories:

  1. Color of the dog’s tongue
  2. Eye clarity
  3. Behavior
  4. Personality
  5. Overall Health

What's Your Dog's Temperature?


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