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About Us

We look at every dog from nose to toes to better understand our pets and recognize internal imbalances that may keep them from feeling their best each and every day.

With no synthetic or artificial additives, the all-natural whole foods in our recipes nourish our pets from within and keep the body balanced.

Each ingredient serves a purpose to help you and your dog live Side by Side for many long, healthy, and happy years

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Eastern Food Therapy

(EFT) is the understanding that each food affects an individual's metabolism differently. Using this

philopshy we have crafted our custom recipes using fresh ingredients to fit each dog's unique needs,
supporting wellness by balancing the body from within.

Balance Indicator

Which Side by Side recipes will support your dog's balance and wellness? Your dog's trying to tell you, it's on the tip of their tongue!

Upload a photo of your dog showing their tongue to our Balance Indicator and we'll recommend the perfect Side by Side foods and treats that will keep your dog's unique physiology in balance.

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The Giving Fund

Thanking service and therapy animals by providing them with the very best. Learn more about honoring these Heroes.

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Our Recipes

Nutrient-rich foods, made in small batches, provide digestive aid, promotehealthy skin & coat, offer joint support,
and so much more.Custom options for each pet's unique needs & healthy choices for every pet's wellness.

Explore our freeze-dried diets & toppers, hearty stews, and nutritious treats that are all made in small batches using only the best fresh, high-quality ingredients.