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Feed Love is the official blog of Side by Side. As passionate pet parents, we’re all about helping our pets live happier, LONGER lives & connecting with others who feel the same way!
Our community continues to grow & we’re so happy that you’re a part of it. Welcome to the pack!

Our Chief Tasting Officer, Wrigley wants you to read these posts!

Discover how Eastern Food Therapy and the right ‘temperature’ dog treats can improve your dog’s temperament and well-being. You already know how important it is to feed your dog clean food that’s right for the body. But what about food and treats that are right for your dog’s temperament? When...

By Libby Sinden Read more

Did you know that healthy dog food can be unhealthy for your dog if it’s not the right ‘temperature’? According to Eastern Food Therapy (EFT), some dogs need ‘warming’ food, others need ‘cooling’ food, and healthy dogs can eat ‘neutral’ food. ‘Temperature’ makes all the difference. Giving your dog the...

By Libby Sinden Read more

Did you know the ‘temperature’ of your dog’s diet can impact everything from their health to their energy levels and even their emotional well-being? According to Eastern Food Therapy (EFT) our bodies run either warm, cool or neutral and eating specific foods can help correct any imbalances. For dogs that...

By Libby Sinden Read more
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