What is Eastern Food Therapy (EFT)?

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It is proven to help heal & prevent disease so your pet can live a healthier, longer life!

Eastern Food Therapy is one of four branches making TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine). Founded thousands of years ago and derived from ancient Asian medicine, it’s a method that uses whole foods to balance the body to heal and prevent disease so your pet can live healthier, longer and happier. This holistic approach to veterinary medicine treats nutritional imbalances within your pet’s body. By utilizing knowledge of the energetics of food ingredients we customize and personalize your pet’s food that will restore balance, replenish and soothe your pet working from the inside out.

Based on the imbalances in your pet’s body, EFT will categorize your pet into 3 categories – “Warm”, “Neutral”, “Cool”.

Want to find out which category your pet fits into?


For pets that run cool.

Indicators – Seeks warmth, has a light pink or pale tongue, drools, less of an appetite and appears to lack energy.


For pets that are just right.

Indicators – Happy, athletic, active, clear eyes, pink tongue and a strong stomach.


For pets that run warm.

Indicators – Pacing, panting, itching, seasonal allergies, laying in cold places and a bright red tongue.

How it Works

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Take Assessment

Take Assessment

Analyzing and then translating what we see happening externally as a manifestation of an imbalance in the pet’s body. This will help us recommend a personalized product to cater to your pet’s needs.
Get Recommendations

Get Product Recommendations

Does your pet need warming, neutral or cooling products? Based on your results your recommendation will tell you exactly what your pet needs.
Find a Retailer

Find a Retailer

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Order Online

Order Online

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