The pup loves it!

My dog is on the cooling diets and has thrived this past year. Not only does he lick his bowl clean but his blood work is outstanding. Complications he had prior to starting on your diet have seemingly disappeared. We are all grateful to have found your company. We use the stew as a topper on the hydrated freeze dried food in varying amounts.


I love the cooling formulas and even better, my dog loves it too!

I have been feeding this food to my dog as a supplement for almost 2 months now and the changes have been amazing. Less panting, her itching has stopped and she relaxes better now. This food really works.


My dog loves the cooling recipes.

I noticed he wasn't eating as well with the neutral recipe on these hot summer days, so I thought I'd try the cooling. He ate it right up and I rotate between the two now, he loves it! Thank you!