Eastern Food Therapy uses food to balance and treat the symptoms of many canine health and behavioral problems, including these seven common issues!

Health, happiness, and long life are the main things any dog parent wants for their pooch. Unfortunately, many dogs will face some sort of health or behavioral problem in their life. The good news is you can manage several canine conditions with a balancing diet based on Eastern Food Therapy.

If your dog is struggling with one of these conditions or something else, try a Warming, Neutral, or CoolingTM diet made with clean, whole, non-GMO foods that balance and nourish.

1. Allergies

Allergies cause discomfort and itching, skin/ear infections, hair loss, and more. Fortunately, dogs with allergies can benefit from a balancing diet made with cooling proteins like duck and rabbit. Some of the most common allergens for dogs include chicken, beef, dairy, eggs, soy, and wheat.

2. Digestive Troubles

Moreover, many fillers found in conventional dog foods can trigger food sensitivities and cause digestive upset. You might notice symptoms like diarrhea, discomfort, constipation, and drooling. In that case, eliminate the triggers that cause tummy troubles, including fillers like corn, wheat, and soy. 

3. Nervous Energy

Does your dog pant, pace, and show signs of stress or nervous energy? An incomplete or unbalanced diet with too many of the wrong ingredients and not enough of the right ones can contribute to anxiety in dogs. For pups like this, choose cooling foods like spinach, celery, kelp, apples, rabbit, and duck.

4. Lethargy

A dog that lacks energy might be suffering from several issues, and diet can be a big factor. For example, if your dog isn’t eating the right diet, then they might be in pain from digestive troubles or might not be getting the nutrients they need. You can also try warming foods that invigorate, such as chicken, lamb, eggs, and quinoa.

5. Lack of Appetite

Similarly, dogs who don’t want to eat might be in pain or experiencing digestive upset. They might also dislike their food! Try switching to a nourishing and balancing diet that contains warming foods, which also include chicken hearts, oats, pumpkin seeds, and turmeric.

6. Mobility Issues

Many conditions can cause joint issues in dogs. In most cases, managing inflammation can improve your pup’s mobility and quality of life. Conventional dog foods are ultra-processed, and this can lead to inflammation. A better option is a minimally processed diet made with fresh, natural, non-GMO foods, particularly ones that contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods (like blueberries and turmeric). Freeze-dried is an excellent alternative to highly processed foods like kibble!

7. Hot Spots

Hot spots can have multiple causes, including allergies, nutritional gaps in their diet, and anxiety. In all these cases, the right diet can provide relief, especially a cooling diet that helps to control allergies and itching. Try recipes made with cooling foods like duck liver, celery, and pollock.

But don’t worry: finding the RIGHT diet isn’t hard! Side by Side’s Warming, Neutral, or CoolingTM recipes check all the boxes. Our foods are complete and balanced without additives. We start with real, whole foods, and all-natural GMO-free ingredients like hormone-free meat, fresh veggies and ripe berries, crunchy seeds, and mushrooms. We then freeze-dry the ingredients to preserve maximum nutrients. What's more, the recipes are crafted based on the ancient wisdom of Eastern Food Therapy to nourish and provide balance to your dog’s body.

Above Published on Animal Wellness Magazine

By Libby Sinden


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