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Our EFT and Western Medicine trained Vets developed our unique pet assessment tool to better understand your pet. You don't have to be an expert, just the loving, compassionate, observant pet owner you already are. Together, we work to make food that is complete and balanced to meet your pet's needs.

Simply share your observations and tell us what you know about your pet. We take that information to our team of experts, and recommend the best food, supplements and nutritious treats.

Take the Side by Side Pet assessment now! It will only take about five minutes.

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about you

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Welcome to the pet assesment tool. We hope you'll share a little more about your dog, and also maybe get to know your dog a little better. If you have a small dog, it is usually easier if they are in your lap. If you have a large dog, you may want to get down on the floor with the dog.


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about [petName]

about [petName]

[petName]'s Breed

[petName]'s Gender*

Please tell us [petName]'s age by choosing their birthday below.* (If you aren't certain on the date just guess.)

What is [petName]'s weight in lbs?*

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Lifestyle & Nutrition

[petName]'s Lifestyle & Nutrition!

In thinking about your dog's nutrition, it's important to understand their environment, their lifestyle, and the lifestyle of their family (that's you!). The following questions will help us get to know your dog and their needs.

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more about [petName]


How active is your dog?*

Which best describes your dog's body? Use the image at the right as a reference.

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more about [petName]


Does your dog often eat on the go, away from home? This may include travelling with the dog, when the dog is boarded, or even visiting with a friend or family member.

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meal time

What is your dog's feeding schedule? How many times per day do you fill or refill your dog's bowl?

Which best describes what you currently feed your dog?*

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appetite & taste

Does your pet have allergies or insensitivities to any of the following? Please check EACH item that the pet CANNOT EAT.

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[petName]'s health

Medical Conditions

Tell us a little about your pet's Vet care. Please check all the apply.

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[petName]'s health

Medical Conditions

Does your dog have any of the following health concerns? Please check all that apply.

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[petName]'s health

Now, let's look a little closer.

You can tell a lot about your dog by checking their tongue. Use the guide at the right to help you choose which best describes your dog.

Your dog's eyes are one more indicator of their overall health. Which of the following best describe your dog's eyes?

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[petName]'s health

temperament & behavior

Which of the following best describes your dog's personality?

As you pet, hold and cuddle your dog, and observe your dog's behavior, which of the following best describe your dog? Please check all that apply.

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Our Diet Recomendation

Your Results Are In!

calculating results, just one moment please...

Thanks for completing a personalized pet assessment for [petName] - we are excited to help [petGender] get on a path to better nutrition!

Based on the info you provided for [petName], we recommend that you start with a Diet.

Look for this color on the packaging:

We've found that [petName]

Welcome to the Side by Side Pack!

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Based on a few of your responses, we would like review your dog's records from your vet or get you set up with one of our partner vets. Click here...

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Given the age of [petName] you should supplement their diet with calcium.

Unfortunately, at this time Side by Side does not have an offer that matches your pet's sensitivities or allergies. However, we would like to offer you a free one-on-one consultation (via phone) to help determine a nutrition plan that is right for your pet.

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