100% Natural Freeze-Dried Treats
  1. 100% Natural Single Protein Treats
  2. Warming protein good for rebuilding the constitution & confidence
  3. High in fatty acids, vitamin A, B vitamins, and iron
  4. A natural source of Taurine which improves muscle mass & stamina and supports heart health
  5. No Additives, Artificial Flavors, Colors or Extracts
  6. Ethically sourced from family farms
  7. Chicken raised without hormones or antibiotics
  8. For dogs & cats (even picky pets love these!)
  9. Made in the USA
Freeze Dried Grain Free No Artificial Ingredients Made in USA
Packed with essential nutrients, these rich & flavorful treats are perfect for training or snacking! Because they are considered to be a warming protein – they are incredibly nurturing for the blood & supportive to the spleen, stomach & kidneys. Made from cage free chicken raised without antibiotics or hormones.