Our Story

It all started when I adopted my dog, Wrigley. I wanted him to live the same way we were - a healthy lifestyle, with a foundation in nutrition. I wanted to be sure our new furry family member was by our side for as long as possible! 

Our Mission

At Side by Side, we focus on foods that nourish and balance the system from within, using Eastern Food Therapy, a food-as-medicine philosophy, to change the way people think about pet food. By filling bowls and bellies with purposeful whole food ingredients, Side by Side is giving our beloved pets what they deserve, the very best. We want nothing more than to share many happy and healthy years with our pets, together, side by side.

Eastern Food Therapy

Eastern Food Therapy (EFT) has been practiced for thousands of years, using food and diet as a means to support and balance the body from within based on each individual’s metabolic processes.

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The Right Way

Each ingredient in our custom recipes is carefully selected and every single one serves a purpose. By only using simple, unadulterated, natural whole foods that are raw, or as close to raw as possible, we’re preserving all nutrients. With each bite, our pets are getting everything they need to thrive and balance from within.

We don’t want to feed our pets the easy way. We want to feed them the right way.

No synthetics. No additives. Just whole foods. We’re giving pets the nutrients they need to thrive with our recipes that are
Complete & Balanced by Nature.

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Balance Indicator

Each pet is different. Their fun personality quirks, their favorite toys, and the recipes that support their unique needs to live their best lives. Is your pet's body in balance? Use our quick & easy Balance Indicator to see which Side by Side recipes and treats will help your four-legged family member thrive!