EFT has been used for thousands of years across much of the world. A philosophy of food-as-medicine, EFT aims to support internal balance through diet, understanding that every ingredient has an inherent energetic property: Cooling (Yin), Warming (Yang), or Neutral (Balanced).

When an illness occurs, it means there is an imbalance somewhere in the body, and a counter balance is needed. The Tongue is a key diagnostic tool in EFT used to assess whether a Cooling (Yin) or Warming (Yang) counterbalance is needed. The color and shape of this muscular organ can be used to help identify any imbalances in the body.

Your Dog is Trying to Tell You Something...

It’s On The Tip of Their Tongue!

Whether a dog’s tongue is pale, pink, or red, it can help identify imbalances related to digestion, metabolism, and constitution, especially when viewed alongside their behavior.

To see a bright or deep red tongue is a sign that a dog is “running warm”. Dogs with excessive Warm (Yang) energy are likely to have dry skin, recurring hotspots, and inflammation. They’re more susceptible to seasonal allergies and can be prone to constipation. Warm dogs may be restless, drink excessive amounts of water, are easily agitated, and even show signs of aggression.

Happy, athletic, alert, and ready to play – A dog with Neutral (Balanced) energy will have a tongue with a healthy pink hue.

Diets - Balance From Within

Dogs with warm or cool energy imbalances are more likely to get sick or develop chronic illness. Feeding foods with the right energetic properties offers a counterbalance.

Side by Side’s diets and treats, formulated with EFT philosophy, can help bring your dog back to a healthy balance with the right blend of quality whole foods.

Cooling (yin) foods, such as rabbit, duck, kelp, and strawberries, help to refresh and hydrate the body, and slow metabolic rates. A Warm, yin deficient, dog would greatly benefit from the soothing counterbalance of cooling foods. When rehydrated, the properties of the ingredients in Side by Side’s Cooling freeze-dried recipes allow for more efficient moisture absorption in the body.   

Warming (yang) Foods, like chicken, lamb, oats, and turmeric, have an invigorating effect, quickening the metabolism. This leads to an increase in body temperature, a perfect counterbalance for a Cool, or yang deficient, dog. Side by Side’s Warming diets offer the perfect blend of ingredients to enliven the body’s functions.

Neutral (Balanced) foods help to maintain equilibrium in the body. Ingredients like beef, pork, shiitake mushrooms, and sunflower seeds can benefit all dogs as they support balance, not pushing the scale one way or another.  

Natural Foods & Nutrition

Each food affects different dogs’ metabolisms in different ways. In close collaboration with animal nutritionists and board-certified veterinarians, Side by Side’s various recipes provide healthy options for each dog’s needs. With no synthetic vitamins or minerals, just fresh produce and proteins, Side by Side is Complete & Balanced by Nature.

Nutritious and natural foods support your dog’s internal wellness and balance, and in turn, let us share many happy & healthy years with our pets, together, Side by Side.  

Choosing The Right Food For Your Dog

There is no wrong choice when selecting foods made with only natural fresh ingredients, just a variety of healthy options to support your dog's individual needs.

Try our patented Al Balance Indicator to determine which Side by Side recipes and treats would best promote wellness and balance their body from within.

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