Dogs need 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of body weight every day to stay healthy. But did you know that you could be feeding your dog the wrong kind of protein? Find the right one and their right food with these three easy steps!

Protein is an essential part of your dog’s diet. However, feeding the wrong protein could actually cause an imbalance. Eastern Food Therapy tells us you need to understand your dog’s ‘temperature’ so you can feed them the right protein. This one diet change could make all the difference for their health, well-being, energy levels, and longevity! Check out these three tips for finding the right protein for your pup.

1. Find Out Your Dog’s Temperature: Warm, Neutral, or Cool

According to Eastern Food Therapy, living things have a temperature, which can be Warm, Neutral, or Cool. Dogs that are Warm or Cool have an imbalance, and that leaves them vulnerable to health and behavioral issues. Let’s look at some examples:

  1. Warm dogs can be high-strung and aggressive, have dry skin and hot spots, and they might pant often because of stress.
  2. Cool dogs are often fearful or timid, experience separation anxiety, are prone to colds, and don’t have a lot of energy.

Here’s the good news: every food has its own temperature, so you can use the right whole foods to balance and nourish your dog!

  1. Neutral dogs are balanced dogs, and this is what you want for your pup: a calm and happy temperament, tons of energy, and always up for an adventure.

Use our fun and quick Pet Health Assessment to determine your dog’s temperature.

2. Choose Proteins that Will Balance and Nourish

Warm dogs need Cooling proteins like rabbit, duck, and pollock. Cool dogs need Warming proteins like lamb, eggs, and chicken. Neutral dogs can eat Warming, Cooling, and Neutral proteins, which include pork, beef, and salmon.

The problem with traditional pet foods is that they’re not formulated according to Eastern Food Therapy. Before, pet parents who wanted to balance their dogs had to make meals fresh from scratch, but now there’s an easier way…

3. Start Your Dog on Side by Side’s Warming, Neutral, or Cooling Food Today!

Side by Side is the only food formulated according to both modern nutrition science AND 5,000-year-old Eastern Food Therapy! We carefully select the highest-quality whole food ingredients and proteins to create Warming, Neutral, and Cooling recipes that balance & nourish dogs. Your dog will be energetic, calm, happy, and allergy-free, and they’ll have great digestive health and perfect poops!

Complete and balanced without additives—no synthetic vitamins, minerals, or preservatives—our raw, freeze-dried food and treats are made with clean, all-natural, whole food ingredients that are GMO-free. Our products make it easy to feed your dog the right food.

Take the Pet Health Assessment and learn more about Eastern Food Therapy.

Above Published on Animal Wellness Magazine

By Libby Sinden


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