When transitioning to a natural, whole food diet, it’s best to start slow. Slowly integrate our recipes into your dog’s existing diet over a 10-day period.

To learn about your dog’s balance and how you can improve it, check our Balance Indicator and find whole food recipes that will help your dog’s balance.

Start by replacing


of their diet with our recipes.

Days 1-3

Increase to


half their diet, half our recipes

Days 4-6



of their current diet as your dog balances

Days 7-9

Your pup’s bowl and belly are


ready for their whole food diet!

Day 10

Even with a slow switch, your pet may experience a detoxification process during the transition period which can result in diarrhea. This process usually occurs within the first month of transitioning to a whole food lifestyle as your pet’s body removes toxins and replaces old cells with new, better functioning cells.  It may take much longer if your pet has had frequent use of antibiotics or steroids. 

If you have any concerns about your pup’s health, please consult your veterinarian.