Why freeze-dried dog food is better than dehydrated

Everyone knows that raw food is a healthier option for your dog than processed kibble, but did you know that not all raw dog food is created equal? Many pet owners make the assumption that because they’re feeding their dog a raw diet, it means their dog is getting the highest-quality diet, but that’s not the case. 

Firstly, let’s make an assumption that you are not interested in the mess or grossness of right off-the-bone and bloody raw meat. You’re not alone with this, which is why your best options for convenience and quality are either freeze-dried or dehydrated. That aside, you also need to realize that how raw dog food is prepared makes all the difference. 

Freeze-dried vs. Dehydrated dog food

When starting your dog out on a fully raw diet, the best option is freeze-dried over dehydrated. Even though the processes for both freeze-dried and dehydrated sound similar, both options involve removing the moisture from the meat, there are some very important key differences.

1. Preparation

Freeze-dried dog food is made by freezing the meat first, lowering the pressure, then removing the ice before it solidifies by using vacuum pressure and applying low-level heat. The freeze-drying process takes up to 48-hours. 

Dehydrated food is made by removing the moisture through evaporation. Dehydrated dog food is made at higher temperatures than freeze-dried dog food and doesn’t take as long to make. Usually, the process is completed after 8 to 12 hours.

2. Nutritional Value

Dehydrated dog food is made at higher temperatures, which kills a lot of vitamins during processing. After the dehydration process, almost half of the nutrients have been destroyed significantly lowering the nutritional value.

Since freeze-dried dog food is made by using low temperatures, this helps to maintain the natural nutrients and minerals in the meat, making it a closer option to feeding your dog a standard raw diet.

Bottom line… freeze-dried dog food has a higher nutritional value than dehydrated and is, therefore, healthier for your dog.

3. Safety

One of the main concerns pet owners have with feeding their dogs a raw diet is Salmonella, E. coli and other types of bacterial contamination.

Because of the cooking process, a freeze-dried diet has little to no chance of bacterial contamination, due to the fact that the meat is frozen before the moisture is removed, reducing the initial number of bacteria present right from the beginning. This lowers the risk of your dog getting sick almost down to zero. 

When it comes to dehydrated food, the risks are slightly heightened. Dehydrating the food does kill some of the bacteria, but more bacteria survive the heating process when being dehydrated as opposed to freeze-dried. 

The best freeze-dried dog food

Now, that we’ve established that freeze-dried is better than dehydrated, you want to find a company that provides the best-quality freeze-dried dog food that you can trust, and the best option is Side By Side

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Above Published on Animal Wellness Magazine

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