Why Dog Food “Made in the USA” Matters

Why Dog Food “Made in the USA” Matters

As an avid dog lover and pet parent, you only want the best for your favorite pup. This includes feeding them the most nutritious and healthy dog food available. That’s why dog food made in the USA is the best option for your pooch’s diet.

While wanting a healthy, natural diet is reason enough to look for that “Made in the USA” label, there are a few other reasons to be mindful of your pup’s meal source. Recently, there have been studies about the horrible effects of dog foods made in China. Jerky treats made in China have been linked to Fanconi-Like Syndrome (FLS) and even death. FLS is a rare kidney disease that causes key nutrients to not be absorbed by your dog but rather flushed out through the urinary tract.

You don’t want your furry friend to suffer from poor nutrition or illness because of low-quality food. To avoid the risk of harming your loved pet, consider the benefits of US-made dog food.

What Does “Made in the USA” Really Mean?

You’ve probably seen the label “Made in the USA” listed on both human food and pet food before. But, what does this really mean? And how exactly does dog food qualify for this food label?

First of all, to be labeled “Made in the USA” the food must be made with 100% US wholesome ingredients. However, regulatory authorities do not always enforce this rule with pet food manufacturers. Many pet food brands are labeled as US-made even though they do not use ingredients sourced purely from the United States. To tell if a label is accurate, make sure to look at the fine print of the pet food ingredients list to see if other countries are subtly listed as sources.

Let’s continue and talk about the benefits of feeding your dog carefully selected American-made pet food.

The Benefits of American-Made Dog Food

The greatest benefit of American-made dog food is the blatant transparency it provides. Here at Side by Side, we pride ourselves on our transparent pet food ingredients list. All of our ingredients are locally sourced, clean, and REAL.

A healthy and shiny coat, more energy, and brighter eyes are just a few of the visible benefits (not to mention internal benefits!) that come along with feeding your pup American-made dog food. Knowing you can trust what you are feeding your pooch takes a weight off your shoulders.

Natural cooling agents such as apples and celery help to hydrate, relieve restlessness, and stimulate the appetite of your pet. However, your dog may need a more specific style of food, such as warming meals, to increase their overall health. Take the Side by Side Pet Assessment to determine whether cooling, neutral, or warming ingredients are best for your dog’s health.

Keep your dog healthy and happy with natural dog food made in the USA. Check out the testimonials from Side by Side customers to read more about the benefits of natural dog food from pet parents just like you!

Side by Side’s “Made in the USA” Promise

All of Side by Side’s food and treats are 100% made in the USA. Our products wear that label proudly because it’s what we believe in. We want your pets to be the healthiest versions of themselves by eating nutritious and wholesome ingredients.

Here are some of the steps we take at Side by Side to ensure the highest quality American made dog food:

  1. Locally sourced. Our ingredients are sourced from local farms. We take it back to the basics and use whole foods to provide your pet with the vitamins and nutrients they need.
  2. Small batches. To preserve the freshness of ingredients. Side by Side crafts our American-made dog food in small batches.
  3. Whole food ingredients. We use whole food ingredients to craft high-quality, balanced dog food. Some ingredients include free-range duck, pumpkin, parsley, beets, wild salmon, and more!
  4. No synthetics. Highly processed food with additives and synthetics aren’t usable by the body. That’s why we promise never to use synthetics or additives such as food dyes or rendered fat.

Side by Side was lucky enough to have been designated by Truth About Pet Food as a 2021 trusted pet food brand. This exclusive list is composed of only the best and most trusted brands for pet foods written by Susan Thixton, pet food safety advocate and founder of the Association for Truth in Pet Food.

Shop Fresh Food with Side by Side

Now that you understand the importance of dog food made in the USA, shop Side by Side’s wide variety of natural and healthy food. Our transparent ingredient list sets us apart from other brands and ensures the utmost care for your pet’s food. At Side by Side, we promise to deliver thoughtfully made dog food. See the difference a whole food diet can make for your furry friend with our naturally made meal options.

Our selection includes treats, diets, supplements, and more. Shop online or find a store near you!

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