Meet Amanda & Max

Meet Amanda & Max

This month for our (IN)Side By Side story, we want to you to meet our friend Amanda & her pup Max. We met Amanda when she came into our Chicago Learning Center with a client of hers when we first opened. Our mission & her values connected so instantly that she knew she had to pick up some treats for Max to try. Since then, we’ve followed her on her & Max’s journey through social media (Shout out to our IG FAM!). Recently we had the opportunity to catch up with Amanda & she enthusiastically shared her story with us. Enjoy!

Meet Amanda & Max

Amanda – Can you tell us a little bit about you & your pup?

I’m currently attending Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, which focuses on alternative healing for the body through balance. I walk dogs during the day and Max sometimes joins me to play with clients when permitted. Max has a personality just like a person. He gets excited when we talk about going to the park, taking a nap together, going for a walk or a ride, and eating meals and treats.

Generally, we find that people change their pet’s food for a specific reason – maybe it’s a health issue, maybe they’re looking for healthier options, or maybe you just happened to see them at an event! What made you make the switch?

Max just didn’t like his dry dog food. I would change it out for a different brand, but he was never really happy to eat it. He was only eating it because he was hungry. When Side By Side opened near me, I visited it with a client first. After seeing the treat bar and speaking with Jessie and Ailene about the company’s mission, I was sold. The basis of the company was similar to what I had been learning in school. I grabbed a few items like the meal patties, beef lungs and a fresh bison bone marrow and brought them home. Max was so excited and was instantly hooked on the treats, dried patties and bone marrows.

We love that! It sounds like he was pretty healthy before, have you noticed any other changes?

Mainly, it was a shift in his attitude and energy when shifting to Side By Side and whole foods. I saw a happier more active Max!! He enjoyed his meals, his mood improved and it lead to having more energy for the dog park!

Happy dogs make happy people & happy people make us… happy!! Any last thoughts or things you want to share with us?

I really enjoy your mission, basis and theory of your company, your associates are amazing, knowledgeable and friendly, and finally, because your company does not hide harmful ingredients in the products. It’s very wholesome.

We are so happy that you walked into our store – thank you for sharing your story with us. We are so excited to welcome you to our family and to be a part of yours.

Ready to make a change? Looking for new food? Want to help your pup have more energy like Max? Take the pet assessment now!

Kelsey Adams

Kelsey Adams is the Marketing Director & a blog contributor for Side by Side. She is a crazy overprotective first time dogmom & passionate about anything health and wellness related. In her free time, you can find her running or training for her next race.... or binging Netflix #balance. She also enjoys playing with her pup Charlie & traveling with her L.L.P (Legendary Life Partner) Connor.

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