Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day

To the brave men and women who protect our freedom. Who put their lives on the line every single day to keep our country safe. Who sacrifice time with their families and fight for our rights as Americans.

We want to say thank you.

Thank you for your bravery, your patriotism and your heart.

For those overseas and in active duty, stay safe. For those in training, stay strong. And for those that have returned home, welcome back.

We know that the transition from soldier to civilian isn’t always the easiest one – you’ve seen things most people could never imagine, been in scenarios most would never dream of.

We want you to know that we appreciate you.

To show our support, we’ve made a commitment to provide food and wellness support to service and therapy dogs. This way, soldiers and veterans can rest easier knowing their special companion and friend is healthy, active and focused on what matters most. Helping them.

These remarkable dogs provide significant support to those dealing with a variety of issues – from traumatic brain injuries, to PTSD, to depression and anxiety. Their sole purpose in life is to protect you, the brave men and women who protect us.

Sometimes, the wonderful aid of a service or therapy dog can add a financial stress to a family. That’s how we can help. We offer these amazing animals food and wellness support, so they can do the amazing work of taking care of you.

With Veterans Day being such an incredibly important day to so many of us, we want to introduce someone, well, 2 someones, that are very special to us – Carl & Max.

Meet Carl & Max

Carl is an active duty officer who served 10 years in Special Ops. Upon returning home he was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, depression and hypervigilance – whenever he goes somewhere he’s always “on high alert constantly assessing exits & threats”. He’d heard of fellow soldiers who had success managing these symptoms by working with a service dog, so he applied to a handful of government funded programs for one of his own. Unfortunately, he was denied by all of them. After researching & asking around, he found a Malinois breeder in Virginia that had a few puppies left from a litter. One of those puppies, of course, was Max & the rest, as they say, was history.

We met Carl & Max at the Warrior Games this past June where we sponsored Veterans and their service dogs. We knew instantly that they shared an incredibly special bond, their connection was one of trust, comfort & appreciation for each other. It was truly heartwarming.

When we heard Carl talk about Max, we noticed his voice immediately light up. He said, “I’ll tell you, Max is special. As a service dog they don’t want you to have people say hi to him. Literally I’ve walked him on base and I had a gentleman do a U-turn in a truck and stop in the middle of the street, just to meet Max. He’s just SO special…”

After spending the afternoon with Carl & Max, we learned that Max recently started experiencing health issues – he suffered 2 seizures over the course of just a couple months along with a Lyme diagnosis. We knew we had to help & offered them nutritional guidance, emotional support and promised to be a resource for any questions they may have. After all, a dog isn’t just a pet, they are a part of the family, and in this case – even more than that.

How Does Max help Carl?

For Carl, Max brings him peace, comfort & security in a way nothing else can – Max is “on” so Carl doesn’t have to be. Carl can finally relax, he can unwind & enjoy time with his wife & 4 kids – whether they are at home or out exploring. We were curious how Max transitioned into their family – was it an easy adjustment? Is he friendly? Does he get along with Carl’s children or was he always protective? Without missing a beat – Carl said, “Max is like a sibling to them. He’s a part of the family”

Carl & Max – we are grateful to have the opportunity to help your family, and honored to have you become a part of ours. We look forward to helping Max thrive & live his longest, best life possible. Thank you for your service.

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Kelsey Adams

Kelsey Adams is the Marketing Director & a blog contributor for Side by Side. She is a crazy overprotective first time dogmom & passionate about anything health and wellness related. In her free time, you can find her running or training for her next race.... or binging Netflix #balance. She also enjoys playing with her pup Charlie & traveling with her L.L.P (Legendary Life Partner) Connor.

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