Your dog doesn’t have to be limping to be out of balance. There’s such a thing as your dog having internal imbalances, which can be the result of a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. Eastern food therapy (EFT) aims to fix internal imbalances, so your dog can become its healthiest and happiest self.

What is Eastern Food Therapy (EFT)?

EFT has been used for thousands of years stemming from the belief that food is medicine. It is based upon the understanding that when an illness occurs it means that there is an imbalance somewhere in the body. To bring the body back into balance, EFT practitioners assess 5 primary indicators; 1) a dog’s tongue, 2) eye clarity, 3) behaviour, 4) personality and 5) overall health; to determine the RIGHT natural diet for them. 

EFT practitioners know specific foods have different energies (warm, neutral and cool), which aid in balancing out certain physical or mental health conditions.

Warm, Neutral and Cool … what is your dog? 

Just like our foods have different energies or “temperatures” our dogs do too. Your dog can be either warm, cool or neutral. 

Warm: Dogs with warm energy are likely to have dry skin, recurring hot spots and have an aggressive temperament. 

Cool: Dogs with cool energy are more susceptible to catching viruses and frequent colds and are more likely to be lazy and lethargic temperament. 

Neutral: A healthy dog has neutral energy and they are happy, athletic and alert. 

Dogs with warm or cool energy are imbalanced and more likely to get sick or develop a chronic illness. If your dog falls into the warm or cool category, you’re in luck because with the help of EFT you can bring your dog back to a healthy, neutral energy through the RIGHT quality whole foods.

The benefits of eating the RIGHT “temperature” dog food

To create harmony and bring the body back into balance we feed a diet that will counterbalance a dogs temperature.

Give Cooling Food: Dogs with warm energy need cooling energy foods. Protein sources that have cool energy are pork, rabbit and fish. 

Give Warming Food: Dogs with cool energy need to eat warm energy protein sources like chicken, lamb and eggs. 

What about Neutral?: If a dog is neutral or in balance then a neutral diet such as beef or bison or an equal blend of warming and cooling food will keep them in balance.

Note: Once a dog is started on the right “temperature” diet for them, pet parents will begin to see their dog becoming more energetic and active as their body starts to naturally heal. 

The benefits to eating based on the principles that EFT uses are endless for your dog, but it would be difficult and time-consuming to figure out all there is to know about the right “temperature” foods to give your pup. Luckily, Side By Side has got your back. 

Side By Side’s line of Warming, Cooling and Neutral dog food is veterinary-formulated and made with your dog’s health in mind. Our dog food is made with whole food, natural ingredients, and it’s freeze-dried for maximum nutrition. Also, each “temperature” dog food is color-coded, so you can feel confident that you’re feeding your dog the right food for them! 

How do I know what temperature my dog is? 

Side by Side has a patented pet health assessment mobile app with a short questionnaire that will tell you the temperature of your dog as well as exactly what food is right for your dog. 

Find out your dog’s temperature and get them into balance today using Eastern Food Therapy! Start your dog’s health journey with Side By Side!

Above Published on Animal Wellness Magazine

By Libby Sinden


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