Side By Side -Foods for fall according to EFT/TCVM

Eastern Food Therapy & Fall – What Foods To Give Your Pet As The Seasons Change


Fall Correlates with the Lung system based on Traditional Chinese Medicine & Eastern Food Therapy therefore it is associated with skin, respiration, and body fluids (Shedding). As we transition from summer to fall, many of us notice our dogs fur getting thicker but also an increase in shedding (cue the Roomba’s!). This week on our Feed Love Blog, we are discussing different seasonal ingredients that can help lubricate the system to promote body fluid production which will help with allergies, itching, scratching & panting!


Beets help moisten the intestines which can improve circulation and detoxify the body. They also fight inflammation, strengthen the heart, improve vision, and cleanse the liver.

Feeding Suggestion: peel & lightly steam before giving to your pup


Broccoli is high in vitamin C, calcium, and soluble fiber, and contains multiple nutrients, making it a “super food” perfect for supporting overall health and wellness. It has high levels of vitamin K (for blood support), vitamin C (for immunity), vitamin E (for a healthy skin and coat), and vitamin B6 (supports brain and nervous system function). Broccoli also has chromium which helps dogs regulate their blood sugar and manage their weight!

Feeding tip: lightly steam broccoli before giving to your dog


Apples promote the secretion of body fluid and moisten the lungs, relieve restlessness, and stimulate appetite. They help reduce internal heat, moisten dryness (making them especially good for the lungs) and are very healing to the liver and gallbladder.

Feeding Tip: Just chop up & serve! Just make sure to remove any seeds before feeding


We love to feed our pups food that is in season – like kale! Kale is an abundant fall crop that is incredibly nutrient dense and especially nourishing for the joints. So many of us take our pups for fall hikes as the weather has cooled off a bit and this superfood is great for promoting overall joint health!

Although it’s technically considered a warming ingredient, Kale is a nutritional powerhouse and one of the most nutrient dense dog-friendly vegetables because it’s loaded with tons of vitamins and minerals, like:

  1. High levels of vitamin A which helps support eye and skin health
  2. Vitamin C for immune system function
  3. Vitamin K which support blood clotting and healing
  4. Calcium to support bone health
  5. Potassium for heart health

PLUS kale helps to support healthy skin, bones, heart and immune system function

Feeding tip: it is easier for dogs to digest leafy greens if they are lightly steamed, but if you don’t have time feeding them raw is fine (if they’ll eat it that way of course)!


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