5 Things Dogs REALLY Need From Their Humans

5 Things Dogs REALLY Need From Their Humans

Dear Human,

I was so happy the day you chose me. I miss my mom, and brothers and sisters so much, but I love sleeping by your bed each night and greeting you each morning. You cuddle me, give the best treats, make me feel safe and protected, and I can’t get enough of staring into your adorable eyes. Walking beside you each morning and night fills me with joy, and I am so grateful for the toys, comfy bed I can rip up, and yummy treats you give my when I do really cool tricks… like sit. And Stay. And High-Five. You gave me the greatest gift, a home, and I am forever your friend. I know sometimes we can be a burden, but we don’t mean to be. Those morning kisses while you’re still sleeping, sitting on your feet while you work and dropping slobbery toys in your lap while you watch TV… that’s just our way of saying we love you! And honestly, while you humans need lots of stuff… us dogs don’t need much. If we could talk, this is what we would tell you what we really need.

We need kindness.

I know you’ve seen those weird shows on TV where they use shock collars, and commands, and sometimes trainers yell at us. But we do so much better when you show us kindness. We respond to the tone of your voice and your manner, so when we know you’re mad of course we’re not going to run to you. I mean come on, we’re not stupid! Like you do with your kids try positive praise. Tap your leg and walk away when you want us to follow. Always have treats with you as a reward. If we see that you are happy with us we will want to please you even more.

We need belly rubs.

Man do we love it when you pet us, and scratch us, and give us aaaalllll the affection. It’s our love language and we will do everything in our power to try to get some. I mean, we can’t do it ourselves, so try to make five minutes a day for us, we’ll show you even more love.

We need more supervision than you think.

We get so excited when someone comes to visit and we love to sniff everyone to say hello, but those little bitty humans that hug us? Yeah we don’t always like that. Or those dogs at the dog park that you think are playing? Sometimes we run away because we are scared. Please watch our eyes, our tails, and see what our body language is telling you. We don’t have words but I promise we are communicating if you pay attention.

We need grace.

You can’t expect us to be perfect, I mean we’re dogs not robots! How are we supposed to know the difference between your fuzzy bunny slippers and our stuffed squirrel? It’s an animal and it’s walking towards us tempting us to attack. If you don’t want us to get into trouble then take trouble out of the equation. Lock up your shoes when you go to work, and give us something to chew while you’re gone. We get bored. We try to entertain ourselves, but sometimes we pick the wrong “toys” to play with. And trust us, everything looks like a toy from our perspective!

We need real food.

I know you can’t feed us from the table, I mean if you do we’ll be your BFF every time you sit down to dinner. But it’s OK to drop some chicken, rice or green beans in our food every day. Whole food is good for us, and makes us feel AWESOME!! It’s helps us thrive, have less health problems, and live longer than when we eat that cheap kibble food. Try the 30 Day Whole Food Challenge at thewholefoodtruth.com or buy us some Side by Side Pet food. Just a little bit goes a long way in keeping us healthy!

But more than all of these things, what we really need is you.

We can’t wait to hear you wake up and stretch and slowly walk towards us each morning. We are obsessed with that morning pet, and to watch the sunrise with you. We love and depend on you so much, you really are the best friend we could have ever imagined. So if you could please put down that rectangle thing you are always looking at, and just look into our eyes once or twice more a day, you might see what you need.

We don’t always come to you because we need something, sometimes we lay by you because you need it.

Dogs everywhere

Wrigley & Mavis

Wrigley & Mavis are our Paw-Duct Managers & Official Taste Testers. In-between treat trying, napping & the occasional zoomies, they find time to contribute to our blog. No one knows how or where they learned to type, read or write. But it's not our place to question the many talents of our furry 4-legged employees.

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