For thousands of years, health practitioners have used Food Energetics to help bring the body back into balance. Side by Side food and treat recipes are designed to help do just that, whether your dog’s constitution is too warm, too cool or neutral.

Our NEUTRAL Freeze Dried Raw Morsels make an excellent high-value whole foods meal for small dogs, or a great nutritional booster for large dogs that are Neutral. Crafted from locally sourced, ethically-raised beef without added hormones plus completely balanced, Side by Side is packed with naturally occurring nutrients, vitamins, and minerals – they’re like a happy & healthy “butt wiggle” in a bag!

  • Made from real whole foods
  • Freeze dried to lock in nutrients
  • No additives, artificial flavors, colors or extracts
  • Great for topping food or mixing with other food to enhance nutrition!
Freeze Dried
Made in USA No Artificial Ingredients
Freeze Dried Beef Morsels

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